W/h = 4/3.

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Sorry,.e are photographers research photographers, not a commercial sales front. The majority of compact as well as some DLR cameras have a 4:3 aspect ratio, i.e. w/h = 4/3. 9 According to Digital Photography Review, the 4:3 ratio is because “computer monitors are 4:3 ratio, old CDs always had a 4:3 ratio, and thus digital cameras inherited this aspect ratio.” 9 The pixel count quoted by manufacturers can be misleading as it may not be the number of full-color pixels. We already have a new Canon 1GX to see if it is a good compact camera and we have our own new Nikon D800E to check out DLR and video capability. Once it is clearly and openly stated who makes the sensor of the Canon OS 5Ds and whether it is a traditional sensor or a multilayer sensor, then I can update my comments. You can see this exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St Louis, or in the flair Reports which are being issued this week. To start with, I’d be surprised if you don’t get a lot of pictures that are small in the frame. Nicholas and Sofia were in Cologne, Germany, taking notes on what we saw at Photokina 2012. Similarly, many camcorders can take still photographs, and store them on videotape or on flash memory cards with the same functionality as digital cameras . Reviews of point-and-shoot digital cameras: Canon Powershot G1X Updated Jan. 2, 2015, first posted Jan 2, 2013 We also continue to write about the better point-and-shoot digital cameras.

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