You Have Great Writing Skills And Enjoy Getting Your Ideas Out There.

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A Corporate Image, an affiliate of the six-year-old company A Storybook Image, matches up clients with photographers and videographers who can tell their story as they want it to be told. Images tell everything, said Rachel Greenberg Olivera , who leads both companies. If people have a goal they are trying to achieve, well sit with them, build a plan for them and help them meet that goal. She said the new company grew out of the old one. I started A Storybook Image six years ago, and my job was to match up the right photographer and videographer for clients who were getting married, having birthday parties or events, and we built an awesome team of photographers and videographers, she said, adding that the key has been understanding the needs of clients. After doing that for so long, we had been getting requests for corporate jobs, and we did so under the same name, she said. Earlier this year, she started A Corporate Image to take on those business projects. Im using my marketing background to really provide a holistic service to people, help them with their reputation, images, anything theyre looking for, she said. Olivera, whose mother and husband are the companys only other full-time employees, works with a team of freelance photographers and videographers who come in on an as-needed basis to help specific clients. Corporate rates depend on the scope of the project. For A Storybook Image, an eight-hour wedding photography package starts at $1,900 and an 8-hour videography package starts at $2,000. Theres no charge for an initial consultation.

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This Is A Branch Of Zoology.

A dentist treats all sorts of disorders related to oral care. In fact, if you are an independent photographer, your pay check will vary greatly. It can be something unique or something that reflects the way you are. Most craft artists tend to be self-employed and work on a variety of handmade objects. Due to very high competition, it can be extremely difficult to find jobs in this field but the demand is increasing with a projected 16% increase in art careers. Inventor of the Phonograph, Thomas Alva Edison, wanted to introduce to the consumers a device which would display images as an accompaniment to the music played.

Freelancer _thehelpinghand Take our quiz and find out what suits you best! 1 af 8 What activity are you most likely to do on a Saturday afternoon? Me & my virtual world (computer games, online research, etc.) Exploring a new corner of your city Going out with friends, checking out events, etc. Help your friends around the house/build something/sculpt/hands on Here you can see the result of the quiz: Master of the Arts – Technophile King – The Helping Hand – Golden Hands – Wanderlust Soul Master of the Arts You are artistic, introspective and creativity is your forte. You have great writing skills and enjoy getting your ideas out there. Fixed routines and rules that might limit your freedom and expressivity are your worst nightmare. You appreciate beauty and might be into photography or design.

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