Kakadu in the Wet Season Stock Photography by David C Hancock

David C Hancock has just posted a new lightbox of Landscape photos. When the wet season comes to northern Australia around Christmas time, Kakadu National Park is very hard to get around by vehicle. Rain pours off the escarpment and fills the creeks and rivers to overflowing – they flood the plains and the otherwise dry landscape is inundated with moisture. This is a period of renewal, when the country recovers from seven months of dry, hot weather. Trees flower and fruit and it is a time of plenty for all creatures including animals and mankind. View the original set of Landscape photos here

Otways and Apostles Stock Photos

Jeremy Wood has just released a new lightbox of Landscape photos. The Otways have one of the wettest climates in southern mainland of Australia. There are many waterfalls and dense forests. Cape Otway Lighthouse is one of our oldest. A bit further west the Shipwreck Coast has a famous series of cliffs, gorges and sea stacks. The ’12 Apostles’ being the most famous, even though there were never 12 and there are now really only 8. The whole area continues to erode relatively quickly, in 1990 ‘London Bridge’ collapsed. View the original post here to see all the images.

Skyscapes Stock Photos

Howard Birnstihl has just posted a new lightbox of images. What is a landscape without a sky? Blue skies, thunderous gloom, bushfire haze, signs of rain, cloud carpet from above, brilliant rainbows and sunsets, fireworks and dust. Cumulus, stratus, cirrus and all the combinations. Amazing colours, patterns & textures. View the lightbox here to see all the images.

“fire” Auckland, New Zealand This A Photo That I Made While Living In Auckland, New Zealand.

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“Fire” Auckland, New Zealand This a photo that I made while living in Auckland, New Zealand. We were at downtown hotel to watch the Super Bowl. During the middle of the game there was a loud roar and the room shuddered. Everyone in the room fell silent for a moment.Then they went back to watching the game. I had to investigate. I ran downstair and out onto the street to see what had happened.

For the original post including images or video, visit http://bit.ly/192fQOO

New Photography by David C Hancock: Aboriginal Communities NT

Aboriginal Communities NT is a new lightbox of People images by David C Hancock. Remote Aboriginal communities are spread right across the Northern Territory – in bushland and along the coast in Arnhem Land, in the central deserts and offshore islands. The small townships are dynamic areas with inhabitants who look after vast tracts of land as part of their traditional indigenous commitments. Outstations are at the heart of these land management obligations and essential for continuing culture. Check out the main post here to see all the images.

New Stock Photos from Laith Stevens: Laith Stevens Photography Uniqely Styled Images

Laith Stevens has just posted a new lightbox of Concepts stock photos. Laith Stevens’s first lightbox on Global eye, please enjoy these images of sunrise, water, lake, ocean, with vivid and vibrant colour that will take your breath away and crisp clear black and white images. with a unique mix of landscape, seascape and architectural images. please enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoyed making them come to life. You can read the full lightbox post here for full details and all the images.

Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders Club competition March 2015 PART 2 – A New Photo Gallery from Chris Prior

Chris Prior has just released a new lightbox of Lifestyle photos. Catherine Hill Bay Boardriders monthly club competition for March 2015 was almost a carbon copy of the previous months conditions just a little less gnarly. Scheduled for Saturday 7th it was postponed to the following day due to a heavy swell closing out the whole bay and definitely not conducive to a fun day at the beach. The move proved to be a good one as the swell died down sufficiently to give us some nice one to two metre waves all day. View the full lightbox here for full details and all the images.

Arnhem Land Stone Country Stock Photography

David C Hancock has just published a new set of photos. The Arnhem Land plateau which makes up the eastern border of Kakadu National Park and extends down to Nitmiluk National Park, is a rugged and inhospitable area that is full of wonderful rock art and natural landscapes. Each year in the wet season, billions of litres of water runs off this scoured landscape to form many large rivers, such as the South and East Alligator, Liverpool, Katherine and Roper. Indigenous people have lived in this region for thousands of years. Check out the full lightbox here to see all the images.

Trees Stock Photography

Trees is a new lightbox of Nature stock images by Howard Birnstihl. From the tall straight giants in misty forests to the gnarled, writhing battle-scarred eucalypts of the dry grasslands; sculptural clumps by the billabong; teatree along the beach track; brilliant details of sunlit sap oozing from wounds; regeneration after fire; wrecking the suburban footpath; tree houses; farm shade; blossoms, leaves, bark & branches. You can read the main post here and see all the images.