How To Shoot Stock Photos That Sell

Sell Stock Photos Book Review

This is a book we’ve been recommending at OzImages Photo Stock Agency for quite a few years now … so long in fact that it’s actually gone out of print in that time.

You can usually find a copy on Amazon if you dig around a bit, and if you do it’s probably the single best investment you could make in your stock photography business.

The information is timeless, and it includes a series of self-assignments to really get you thinking ‘stock’ while you build up your collection.

There is a fair emphasis on working with people and the right way to incorporate human activity into your iamges for better sales potential. While a lot of nature/landscape shooters prefer to avoid this, when you include people you automatically increase demand and lower competition, so you should always be open to these possibilities.

All in all, if you only ever buy one book on ‘stock photography’ I’d recommend this one without hesitation!

How to Shoot Stock Photos That Sell