When You Diffuse A Light, You Create A Softer Look That Is More Flattering Than A Harsh Light Because Strong Lights Throw Shadows On The Face Of Your Subject.

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underboobM2 The “underboob pen challenge” is going viral on Weibo, and women have been posting pictures of pens and pencils held in the crevice under their breasts. Going by the proud posters, it seems being able to do this proves that you have larger than average assets. Image: Weibo Image: Weibo The meme first started in Japan as a way of showing off one’s breast size. But now that it’s spread on Weibo, some are pointing out a flaw in the challenge. Detractors are saying that if your breasts aren’t exactly big enough to grip things, you can make up for it by having a bit more flesh on your waist. This revelation has opened the contest to men as well, who are showing that some of them have what it takes to pass the challenge. Image: Weibo But some men are proving that their pecs are worthy of admiration too. Image: Weibo Some are skipping the breast portion of the race and heading straight for gold. Image: Weibo Image: Weibo Image: Weibo The challenge seems to have attracted enough controversy that people are going all out to prove that you can hold anything on various parts of your body, if you just put your mind to it.

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Move Positions To Avoid Trees Looking Like They Are Growing Out Of Heads, When They Are In The Background.

It is in there on the full size file, but it’s very hard to see. Great Photography Guide, Tutorials and Videos! When you diffuse a light, you create a softer look that is more flattering than a harsh light because strong lights throw shadows on the face of your subject. You also have the opportunity to have your lesson assignments critiqued by our knowledgeable teaching team of professional photographers. Taking the Time for Portrait Digital Photography It is easy to take portrait digital photography and most people can take decent portrait images with their digital camera with some simple tips. You do not submit photo assignments for review. This I can guarantee! Set the camera’s resolution to take high quality photos at the highest resolution possible.

Beach Andin case of emergency you can alway grab your mobile.! MAKE A CONNECTION Sometimes, whilst traveling, you want to stay at a certain place for a while. This where you should build a bond with some of the locals. Talk to them without a camera before asking them for a picture. Then it will be much easier to let this person pose for your camera, because they will feel more at ease with you. So, when you meet new people, make sure that you are nice to them who knows, they might end up in one of your photographs. TAKE TIME Its great to travel with other people, but when you want to take photos it might be easier to wander off by yourself. You can take all the time in the world to get the picture exactly the way you want.

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