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If you have a digital camera and the knack for taking excellent pictures, then you can learn how to sell your photos online. According to one stock photography website, some (rather well) established artists are currently earning as much as $10,000 per month, just in royalty payments for their pictures. For the moment, assume that this incredible range is a bit out of reach ? most people find that selling stock photography can earn them a bit less than this, but the potential is there. How do you get started and make money?

Camera ? First, you will need a camera. Obviously, go with a digital camera. You also need to purchase one with the highest megapixel rating possible (more than 10 MP). Why, you ask? Simply put, the more megapixels in your camera, the larger the picture can be blown up without sacrificing image quality. You should also opt for a camera that features a decent optical zoom, as opposed to a digital zoom. Optical zoom always offers better results than digital zoom capacity. Finally, choose a brand that can grow with you (expanded memory cards, etc).

The Shot ? So, now that you have that camera, what can you take pictures of? First, remember that if you take photos of people, you will have to have them sign a release before you can sell that photo. The same thing often applies for private property. However, most everything else is fair game. That said, don’t start snapping shots of fire hydrants or neighborhood pets just yet. You’ll need to know what categories actually sell (that’s the only way to make money, after all).

Technology always sells ? if you can create unique images featuring computers (or separate components) or any other tech-related stuff, you might just have a serious hit on your hands.

Money always sells ? the cash-hungry world loves photos that hinge on wealth (cash, stocks, bonds, bank account info and even checks). Choose the right money-related shot and you can sell a large number of photos.
Pets and kids often sell ? few things connect with consumers more than kids and pets. This connection is what the purchasers of your photos are seeking. It helps them establish a relationship with those viewing their advertisement (where you’ll find most of your shots) or website. Kids and pets can be some of the best shots possible and can help you establish a reputation for quality. Remember your quality is what will help you make money and establish a help career as a photographer

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