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There are several benefits one can get in buying stock photos through agencies that are offering stock photography. Although not all website owners are fond of using paid images, they most probably still do not understand the importance of using such pictures. This article aims to inform people the benefits of using stock photography and how it can help promote one’s site in a more appealing manner. First we need to discuss about the term ‘Royalty Free’ as although it contains the word ‘free’ it does not necessarily mean that the images can be used by anyone. That term does not refer to price but to the licensing of the photo used by the purchaser. This Royalty Free provides the buyer some rights as to where he can use the stock photos, how long he can use them, under what conditions, and on what type of products. 

Some of the benefits of purchasing images from stock agencies include the following:
1. Budget-friendly and fast to use. 
2. The images can be used on multiple designs, promotional campaigns as well as on digital media. 
3. The legal usage of photos can comply with the international copyright laws, so there will be no issues with your site.
4. No need to look for the professional photographers to capture and create the right images that you need. 
5. Saves more time and money, especially for newly-opened sites.
6. One can search, find and make use of globally-accepted images in a rapid manner without adding costs. 
7. One can receive more benefits from having stock agency memberships. 
Now, having been informed about the benefits of using stock photos, what does a royalty free photo cost? The answer is quite simple as this can be purchased depending on the company that provides stock photography. However, there are companies that are offering great images at an affordable price, say for example for as low as $1 to $2 for an x-small photo. There are monthly fees wherein one can avail as many pictures as he would like for paying an exact amount. Members can choose and download their chosen photos for a week or month, depending on their subscription. The prices of these images are cheap compared to what your website can earn by having more attractive and high quality pictures. Stock photography is vitally important in the world where internet is now used by millions of people around the globe. 
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