White Skies Will Trick Your Camera, Causing It To Underexpose.

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VANISHING THROUGH THE BUSH The sweltering heat of morning came all to soon. Spenser’s ‘warning words’ such as ‘greedy eyes’, ‘kindled lust’ and the all-important ‘seemed’ 11.X11.64,68,65 are few and far between, but they are there, warning the reader of the danger Guyon is in. White skies will trick your camera, causing it to underexpose. Remember they have to survive out here. He is also a keen amateur photographer and has made a site of his photography at Photo-zen photography Man and women have asked me this exact question in most of the time about, “What colour dress best for your skin tone?” Digital Photo Frame – The prices have dropped substantially recently without a decrease in quality.

Dave Levandusky won a People’s Choice award for “Look How Big I Am.” Prizes were awarded at a reception March 20, including a Peoples Choice Award. Seventy-four photos were accepted for the show in four categories. Thirty-five photographers entered their work. Categories were youth, native plants, wildlife and scenic. All pictures had to be taken in the local area. Wildlife winners were On the Move by Lance Leonhardt, Whitehall; Look How Big I Am by Dave Levandusky, Weissport; and Untitled Cardinal by John Wasilowsky. In the scenic category the winners were Peaceful Colorful Waters by David Kolb; Sunset Silhouette by Janet Dean, Germansville; and Dingmans Mist by Collene Martonyak, Lehighton. Native Plant winners were Bleeding Heart by Connie Reinhart, Palmerton; and Paper Birch by Jesse Fricker, Slatington. Youth winners were Rabbit in the Dunes by Aiden Sell, Slatington; and Wintergreen Snow by Connor Rodgers, Jim Thorpe.

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Boy was I wrong!! He came charging out of the brush making this strange noise! It was snorting but it was strange, not like a pig but it was loud and just strange!! Then this Antelope buck stopped!! By this time Guy was yelling at me to get to the truck. I am not so quick, I thought!!

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